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Amaro Bepi Toslini


For over 75 years our family has dedicated its lifetime into adding something extraordinary to our distillates: the excellent signature of being Tosolini.

The unmistakeable quality of our distillates reveals the character of our family, leading the way over the years in a story of excellence that is filled with passion, skill and commitment. A familiy story in which tradition walks along with innovation, from the most important vision of Bepi Tosolini who, before everyone else, designed a future in which grappa would turn from a humble origin product into an elegant and sophisticated distillate, for discerning drinkers. His vision has guided the choices of our distillery for over seventy-five years with a clear mission: create distillates that leave indelible emotions with every sip.


Born from the distillation of rich-in-must fresh pomace these products are selected to best express the aromatic heritage that distinguishes them.

Our Grappe

Amaro Tosolini

A refined herbal liqueur prepared according to the founder's recipe with the original blend of 15 varieties of Mediterranean herbs macerated with grape distillate.

Amaro Tosolini


Bepi Tosolini carefully selects the pomace for its Grappa which are all distilled a few hours after racking.