Our history


A family history

This is the history of the Tosolini family which started with the founder, Bepi, born in 1918, with over 75 years dedicated to the world of distillates and spirits. He founded his first distillery in Friuli, a few kilometres from Venice in 1943. During that time, believing that grappa, a distillate product from humble origins could become a renowned spirit all over the world was a prophecy which just a few years later proved to be true in an astounding manner. It was a test of blind faith and Bepi Tosolini invested his entire life in that dream! In the 1950s, he built a new distillery in the heart of Udine creating the biggest grappa cellar in Italy, where the containers were ash wood barrels.
His inspiring muse was his beloved wife Giovanna, constantly by his side, both working in the distillery day and night. Bepi started to travel all around Italy, from north to south, unfatigable, determined, and with his friendly and good manners everybody loved him and his Grappa.

In 1973, attention was turned to the major distillery in Povoletto, but featuring traditional pot stills, once again heated by steam and hand-crafted like the new bain-marie stills which were introduced. Giovanni, the eldest son, had already been working hard for several years, following his father’s footsteps, adopting the same philosophy in life and in production. With respect, goodwill and honesty, he helped building the dream of a great family and today his grandchildren Bepi, Bruno and Lisa work together in the distillery created by their grandfather: an opportunity to keep alive a tradition that is already facing the future with its fourth generation.



There is a big difference! In the Bepi Tosolini distillery the superior quality comes from artisanal, manually operated steam stills… where nothing is ever rushed.
The slow processes and the limited production using traditional equipment have marked the quality for almost a century. Skills and care are required to separate and select the “Buon Gusto” from the rest of the distillate; the Heart is essential in the grappa production. Heads and Tails are discharged and only the Heart will become Grappa Tosolini.

The Tosolini method: from grapes to distillate

Premium distillates, excellence of ingredients, distilling tradition that only the members of the family still personally follow. The difference can be tasted in every drop.

Alambicchi Bepi Tosolini
  • Only the finest grapes selected directly by the Tosolini family in the vineyards of Collio and Colli Orientali in Friuli.
  • A gentle pressing to obtain the “NOBLE” must and a moist, aromatic pomace.
  • GRAPPA. It is distilled from the pomace, the skin of the grapes full of aromas after the stalks have been removed.
  • MOST, ACQUAVITE D’UVA. “Most” is our grape spirit distilled from the noble grape must, an explosion of aromas.



Telling 75 years of history in just a few lines is a real challenge. We want to convey everything that the Tosolini’s do in such a special way, starting with the master distiller Bepi, the true ambassador of grappa, known as the “Patriarch of the Stills”, who has dedicated his maestry to all followers and connoisseurs of fine spirits, without compromises.

75 years ago, our founder has inspired the values which still guide the Bepi Tosolini distillery today, the autentic spirit behind the excellence of our distillates.

TOSOLINI METHOD: premium distillates, excellence of ingredients, distilling tradition that only the members of the family still personally follow. The difference can be tasted in every drop.

Il mastro distillatore Bepi Tosolini


The man, the passion, the dream. Bepi Tosolini was an authentic, strong-minded, artisan distiller, dedicated to achieving perfection. His spirit and the beauty of what he created has guided us for three generations. His desire to create something which could outlast him and become part of our future is the driving force which guides us every day to perpetuate his legacy.
13 STILLS which reflect the different production methods and types of grappa. 13 STILLS which bear within them the secret of the elegance and fragrance of Tosolini grappa.

THE CHARENTAIS to obtain a distillate with a pure heart and intense perfume.

THE FRIULAN “CALDAIETTE” genuine and traditional like the grappa distilled within.

THE BAIN-MARIE “Giuseppe” and “Giovanna”, new stills named after Bepi’s son, Giovanni, who decided in 2001 to place them alongside his father’s stills to express his own personality and distill his emotions.

The cellar

The rules of the Tosolini cellar

After refinement in stainless steel tanks, grappa can undergo an ageing process for a different period and in different barrels, to acquire the delicate, round and balanced notes of wood. in the tosolini cellar, all the ageing processes are always subjected to strict controls by the customs authorities, as a guarantee to the consumer.

Barrique grappa: minimum ageing 12 months (6 months in barrels and 6 months in barrique)

Aged grappa: ageing from 12 to 18 months in barrels

Grappa riserva: ageing for more than 18 months in barrels

Light, medium and strong toasting: there are different types of toasting which are chosen for the barrique to convey a more intense or delicate flavour to the distillate.