Grappa Agricola

Distilled within 48 hours from wine pressing, it keeps its intense aromas of red berry marcs intact. This grappa can be considered dry and it’s aromas are extremely persistent due to its nearly full proof alcohol strength, very strong and intense for real grappa lovers.

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Alambicco d'Oro<br/>Gold Medal 2009 Alambicco d'Oro
Gold Medal 2009
Silver Medal<br/>Vienna 2010 Silver Medal
Vienna 2010
Alambicco d'Oro<br/>Silver Medal 2017 Alambicco d'Oro
Silver Medal 2017
Size 0,5L - 0,7L - 1,5L - 4,5L

Varietal grape marc from Refosco, Cabernet, Merlot (Friuli)

Artisanal Distillation carried out with traditional, manually operated, bain - marie pot stills

Degree 50% vol.

Serving suggestions serve at room temperature in the classic tulip glass