Most Classico

Grape spirit MOST comes from the distillation of freshly pressed grape to obtain a fruity, smooth acquavite with an aromatic bouquet and floral prevalence. The artisanal distillation takes place in artisanal hand-operated stills to preserve the delicate and refined aromas of the grape.

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Gold Medal<br/>Vienna 2004 Gold Medal
Vienna 2004
Silver Medal 2004 Silver Medal 2004
Alambicco d'Oro<br/>Gold Medal 2007 Alambicco d'Oro
Gold Medal 2007
Size 0,1L - 0,7L - 1,5L - 3L - 4,5L

Varietal friulano, Fragolino, Moscato and Merlot grapes

Artisanal Distillation traditional, manually-operated, Charante still double distillation

Degree 40% vol.

Serving suggestions serve at a temperature of 16/18° in a ballon glass