Grappa Arcano Decanter

This Grappa has been selected to gradually aging in Plum barrique. As tradition dictates the maturation occurs in the dark underground cellars of th Tosolini family. Freshly distilled after harvesting and fermentation to preserve the distinctive aromas of the best friulian grapes, the aging process reveals a remarkable meditation grappa.

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Gold Medal <br/>Alambicco d'Oro <br/>2020 Gold Medal
Alambicco d'Oro
Bibenda 2018<br/>Cinque Grappoli Bibenda 2018
Cinque Grappoli
Gold Medal 2008 Gold Medal 2008
Size 0,7L

Varietal Grape Marc from Friulano grapes

Artisanal Distillation traditional, manually-operated, pot stills

Degree 40% vol.

Serving suggestions serve at a temperature of 18/20°C in a ballon glass