Most Barrique Ex-Brunello

Most Ex- Brunello barrique is produced by pressing fresh, de-stemmed harvest grapes, from Nebbiolo. The sweet and fragrant pulp is trasformed into must. The must is then distilled, according to the Tosolini tradition, with the charante steam still, a superb double distillation for purity and a chilled filtration to preserve the best quality. The maturation of 12 months into oak barrels that previously held the BRUNELLO WINE adds to the fragrant distillate the vanilla notes and a warm fruit character with a hint of sweet cherry and spices.

Size 0,7L

Varietal Sangiovese grapes

Artisanal Distillation traditional, manually-operated, Charante still double distillation

Degree 40% vol.

Serving suggestions serve at a temperature of 18/20° in a ballon glass