Grappa Smoked

GRAPPA SMOKED, a noble blend of selected Friulian red grapes, aged in French oak barriques, inside the traditional cellars of the Tosolini Family. The oak casks have gone through a toasting process with “Kentucky” tobacco leaves, original Italian Quality, for a deep and intense smoked Grappa.

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London Spirits<br/>Competition 2018 London Spirits
Competition 2018
Falstaff Grappa<br/>Tasting 2019 Falstaff Grappa
Tasting 2019
Gold Medal<br/>Warsaw Spirits<br/>Competition 2019 Gold Medal
Warsaw Spirits
Competition 2019
Bibenda 2019<br/>Cinque Grappoli Bibenda 2019
Cinque Grappoli
Size 0,5 L

Varietal fresh pomaces of selected Friulian red grapes

Artisanal Distillation traditional, manually-operated steam pot stills

Degree 40% vol.

Serving suggestions the peated taste, not too alcoholic,reminds a lot of a single malt aged whiskey, with harmonious spicy notes with a light smoke finish. Serving suggestions: serve at a temperature of 18/20° in the classic tulip glass. During the summer, the ideal temperature is the cellar one around 16/18°